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If Your Eyes Were Opened To Your True Purpose, What Would You Do?

Follow Ms. Tish as she reveals honest truths from her journey on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. Each turn of the page is a wonderful step in the direction of finding your true self, and with every second you will discover that “This Is Your Motivating Moment.”
"Some people spend lifetimes striving to reach their goals and dreams, which they believe will one day make them happy. Yet many find themselves addicted to the pursuit of their vision, and the fantasy of what may come, instead of actually enjoying being happy. When the understanding sinks in that your happiness is not based upon anything or anyone in the outer world, you start the journey toward being truly liberated. This Is Your Motivating Moment is the story of such a journey. This book causes you to think, to smile and nod your head; yet it also faces and confronts some serious issues. It’s a heaping helping of love, of sharing and caring by a woman who has experienced some of life’s heartaches and rewards. " Pat McLean        

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ThePomPomEffectBook.jpg"Raise them high! Cause this is a celebration of us! Yes, I’m cheering you on to be greater, smarter, walk taller with your head held high. Celebrate my fellow brown sistahs for your achievements and contributions alike! We are in this together. When we see each other, do a soul greet because our hearts are one.

The Pom Pom Effect does not discriminate against loving your voluptuous curves, full lips, fancy feet, kinky hair, spicy attitude and scent. YOU ARE A GODDESS who travels with your own internal drum; sashaying through corporations, academia; all the way to the White House, fighting for justice, peace and equality. Listen closely. You made it! Bringing all our ancestors with you dancing and singing songs of how we made it over! WE ARE WINNING; taking care of our families and leaving legacies!"- Otishia E.

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