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The Foundation Of Our Workshops


The Life Skills Mentoring Curriculum is designed for the facilitator, assistant and the young ladies who will be a part of your program. The 6-12 week booklet is broken down into three categories; allowing all to learn, grow and become strengthened from what you will share with one another as adults to teens or vice versa. The core foundation that TEworks is built upon is being able to effectively share experiences that will empower someone to make a positive change no matter where they may find themselves in life.

The Coaching Section

This section is for the facilitator. Each session allows you to mentor at your best whether it is coming from your personal experiences or from what you have learned from others. It challenges you to be transparent with your group while providing tips for healthy lifestyles and advancement to arenas that normally would not be a thought in a young persons mind. As the facilitator, you have the opportunity to make a powerful change in a young person's life as you teach from these sessions. Objectives are provided, questions are suggested to ask and "special notes to the facilitator" will be your guide as you create your own style of mentoring centered around the curriculum.

Rap Sessions

This section was designed specifically to get the teens in your group to talk. It allows your group to share what is happening in their environment and allows them to express their concerns. The rap sessions will serve as a guide for the facilitator to learn from their group what is new in their world; i.e. new trends in music, dance, clothes and peer behavior. The topics will create conversation amongst your group allowing the facilitator to listen attentively to what is on their minds. Objectives, questions and special notes are also provided to make sure that you give them life skills advice from an adult’s perspective.

Interactive Activities

Ice breakers and projects that send underlying messages about motivation, respect and the celebration of who they are is what this section is all about! Ice breakers challenge the girls to expose a little of themselves in addition, teach them how to communicate in a group setting. Projects are given to the girls to break from the formal sessions; allowing them to express what they have learned through arts, crafts and community service.

Overview of some workshop topics:

•Cultural Awareness Part 1& 2

•Choices: What to Do When I Make the Wrong Ones

•Bringing Your "A" Game (Excellence in School)

•Putting on My Best (Knowing How to Wear Your Clothes)

•Addressing the Topic of Abuse: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual

•Getting Positive Results Out of Negative Circumstances

•Interviewing: A New Approach

•The Benefits of Saving Your Money

•Daring to Be Different Amongst Family and Friends

•Respect and Love: Do I Deserve It?

•Do I Want to Die? Sex Education and HIV Awareness

•Friendships: How to Recognize the Good, Bad and the Ugly!

•The Effects of Gossip and Rumors

•Choosing The Right Guy for You

•Let's Talk About the "Big C"

•Is “My Space” really your space?

TEworks provides facilitator and group workshops to assist in the setup of your program. The training is designed for your staff to get the maximum use out of the curriculums. We also provide home-based workshops.

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*Workshops are scheduled for 1 1/2 hours and pricing varies according to the size of your group. We look forward to working with you!



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