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Women's Division

"Since I have found those pieces of myself, I am feeling a sense of pride in my accomplishments which in turn has made me feel more successful and more confident.  I'm starting to feel some of the joy I had lost in my life.  So, thanks again Otishia for empowering me to be the best I can be and I thank God for putting you in my life."
Jackie, Asset Recovery-Collecting Pieces of Me Again Workshop

TEworks has expanded our life skills training workshops to women so that they are empowered to reclaim their self worth. We equip them with strategies on how to expand the qualities of their lifestyles and encourage networking to assist with meeting their personal goals.

Private mentoring services offer concentrated sessions to assist with the clients needs.

Contact us today for more information.


Overview of Some Workshop Topics:

* Asset Recovery: Collecting Pieces of Me Again

*Moving Beyond Fear

*Are You the Other Woman? (It’s not what you think)

*Married vs. Single Women: Myths and Truths (Open Forum)

*Investing in Your Future: 401K, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds

*Total Health

*Drop It Like It’s Hot: Addressing Addictions


*If I Were to Die Today: Wills, Estates and Trust

*Cultural Awareness: Myths, Truths and Straight Lies (Open Forum)

*No Big I’s nor Little You’s

*Love and Respect: Do I Deserve It?

*Addressing the Topic of Abuse: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual








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