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Our Products

Purchases can be made through PayPal or money order payable to TEworks. Contact us to obtain our mailing address. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Thank you in advance!


Power Slogan Tee

Regular T-Shirt

TEworks Backpack

TEworks Power Slogan Tee:  This is a shirt that makes a powerful and prophetic statement that young girls (or women) could wear and be proud of. Rather than wear shirts with negative statements on them, Tish Emmens has come up with a statement that challenges young girls to keep focused on their goals. 
The Possibilities of My Future Are Endless!
L & XL sizes only
**TEworks Regular T-Shirts 
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TEworks Backpacks

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Get your signed copy!

Signed Copy

Vision Statement Mirror

TEworks Vision Statement Mirror: This mirror has been designed for you to always see the vision statement of TEworks!  As you look into this mirror, you will also be able to read the beautifully engraved vision statement and be reminded of your purpose as you go through your daily routines in life.
TEworks Vision Statement

I am a positive image
in my community

my actions represent
how I view myself and
the impact it has on my peers

I celebrate who I am
and the accomplishments
I have made thus far

I am a positive image
and I represent the world

$25.00 *Includes shipping and handling

"Collecting Pieces of Me" Bracelet

Inspired from our Women's Division Workshop entitled, "Asset Recovery-Collecting Pieces of Me Again",  this bracelet was designed to encourage women to go back and collect the things that were lost, overlooked, stolen etc. in their lives.  The stone in the bracelet is symbolic of strength; firm and unbreakable, courage and continued growth!

$25.00 *Includes shipping and handling

Collecting Pieces of Me Bracelet




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